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  The history of Parasacchi dates back to 1945; at that time the activity was mainly oriented towards the steel sector and only afterwards it developed into the injection moulding field, in particular into the manufacture of plastic spools. The present entrepreneurial tradition of the Parasacchi family guarantees to the company strong continuity, commitment and development - three elements which are confirmed by constant investments focused on activity update and specialization.

Nowadays Parasacchi is an Italian leader in the manufacture and sale of plastic spools for winding copper wires, electrical cables, steel wires, and tapes. The production department is organized in such a way as to guarantee customized solutions and flexibility in deliveries, which represent the strength of the company. Parasacchi’s main products are plastic spools: they comply with IEC Specifications, duly enforced to meet with the electrotechnical market requirements. The spools constantly undergo dimensional quality tests and detailed checks are performed on the raw materials used.

Furthermore, Parasacchi designs and manufactures spools according to the customers' specific needs in order to supply extremely functional products. The company, which is active in the sector of injection moulding of plastic materials, follows the spool production process throughout all the phases, from the project up to the final distribution. The internal tooling department employs highly qualified personnel and allows Parasacchi to study and construct high-precision steel moulds.

The company activity started more than 60 years ago and this means solidity and experience.
Thanks to its technical and commercial staff, Parasacchi offers fast deliveries, high quality products, a wide range of articles and can assist its customers in choosing the best solution.

Together with the variety offered and the ability to be flexible and precise in meeting with the market needs, Parasacchi has paid particular attention to the high value of its production and of its products. For this reason in 2003 the company applied for and obtained the ISO 9001 quality certification, which is still today respected through careful and constant check of all aspects of its internal organization.


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